About Alan Davidson Foundation

The Alan Davidson Foundation is a UK registered charity that supports a wide range of causes. There is a strong focus on MND research, care and initiatives that help support those with disabling neurological conditions. It also supports architecture and architectural initiatives.

About Alan Davidson Foundation
Who started the foundation?

The Foundation was founded by Alan Davidson. It benefitted greatly from his experience of MND and his passions for architecture, visual arts and technology. He was diagnosed with MND in 2012, and lost the battle to the disease in August 2018. Alan was the founder of London based architecture visualisation studio Hayes Davidson, one of the early pioneers of architectural computer graphics (CGI).

Why was the foundation started?

Alan was committed to helping people suffering from MND and associated neurological conditions, he wanted to help initiatives that improved their lives through better care and support, and funding research work to find a cure for MND. The Foundation carefully researches the organisations that it funds, with a preference for ‘open source’ research data where information is shared globally.

Who does the foundation support?

The Foundation supports a wide range of organisations, charities and worthy causes. Funding is allocated after careful research into the project to help understand the circumstances, charity or research being proposed. A meeting with the individual or organisation is then arranged to discuss in detail the area of work that requires funding. Find out more about the projects we have supported below.

What is MND?

MND, Motor Neurone Disease is a terminal condition that currently has no cure. It progressively damages the nervous system, leading to muscle wasting. As damage progresses, the condition becomes more debilitating. Communicating, swallowing and breathing become difficult and eventually a person with MND may be unable to move and become ‘locked in’. MND is often referred to as ‘ALS’ outside of the UK.

News and events

The Davidson Prize Trophies

The Davidson Prize 2021 Award Ceremony

During a brief Covid respite, the Alan Davidson Foundation had the pleasure to host a ceremony to celebrate the finalists and winning teams of the 2021 Davidson Prize, showcase the submissions and hand-over well deserved trophies.

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St John’s Hospice

In recognition of the important work St John’s Hospice is offering in palliative care, the Foundation is delighted to award £10,000 of unrestricted funds, as a yearly commitment.

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Brent Cross Town

Archiboo Awards 2021

The Archiboo Awards 2021 ceremony was held at the Bureau on Oct 14th, a new members club for people working in the creative industries in North Greenwich Design District.

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Favell Day Services

Alan Davidson Foundation awarded a £4,000 grant to Favell Day Services to purchase a SEERS medical adult hydraulic adjustable shower trolley for changing and personal care.

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