Euan’s Guide

In late 2022, the foundation was able to allocate a one-off gift of £5,000 to support Euan's Guide.
Euan’s Guide explained that;

“Through our disabled access review website, we tackle the lack of trusted, up to date disabled access information. The website is the go-to place for disabled access information written by and for disabled people where they can find and share information about places to go and things to do. Realising that they could not be alone in their search for disabled access information and knowing other disabled people and their family and friends would be looking for and able to recommend accessible places, Euan and Kiki created the Euan’s Guide website to give disabled people an easy way to find information and provide feedback, on disabled access. Freely available, trusted disabled access reviews and information leads to greater independence and community engagement by enabling disabled people to find places they can visit with confidence.”

“The built environment is central to what we do. Reviewers identify where design has led to accessibility which we highlight on our website and our communications. Euan’s Guide is predominantly a positive site, but we facilitate change and improvements, leading to greater accessibility. We immediately share our reviews with venues so they can see what they are doing well and what improvements need to be made. Our technology gives people with access requirements some influence over the built environment they encounter every day, and the means to share examples, good and bad.”

“Reviewing has helped me to feel that my opinion counts and I have a say in things. It has also helped me to find accessible places, and it has made me go out more.” – Zoe