One of Alan’s final wishes…

One of Alan's final wishes was to donate to The Long Now Foundation, Wikimedia and Electronic Frontier Foundation to support the initiatives that he greatly admired and supported.
The Long Now Foundation
One of Alan’s final wishes was to donate £10,000 to the Long Now Foundation to support their initiatives especially around the library project and the creation of very long term records of human culture, which he strongly believed in.
Alan was an early user of Wikipedia and supported this independent platform. One of Alan’s final wishes was to donate £10,000 to Wikimedia, the foundation behind Wikipedia and other initiatives. The donation went to the Wikimedia Endowment, which helps ensure that Wikipedia and its sister projects will be online, independent, and growing for years to come – and that as many people as possible might have access to the world’s largest shared repository of knowledge into the future.
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Alan was a keen tech user, always trialling new gadgets, apps as such he was very aware of the pitfalls of the internet as well as the immense positives. One of his final wishes was to donate £10,000 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, whose “mission is to ensure that technology supports freedom, justice, and innovation for all people of the world.”