The Davidson Prize 2023

The Davidson Prize returns for a third year with the theme: "Somewhere To Call Home". An obvious solution to homelessness is more homes. But until those homes are built, more and more people are in urgent need of a place of shelter.
Somewhere to Call Home

The third annual prize for thought-provoking ideas around the design of the home will be awarded during LFA in June 2023. In its first 2 years The Davidson Prize tackled topical themes, first “home working” while we were living during Covid lock downs, then “co-living” looking at solutions to unaffordable rentals, care homes and home ownerships.

The co-living theme had already started to broach the subject of homelessness as part of some of the proposed solutions, which had thrown up some very interesting ideas and debates. The team decided to go deeper and entirely dedicated the 2023 theme to homelessness, sadly also topical.

We called the architectural and design community to come up with creative ideas for a speculative design for a 50-people community of different sizes of households.
The theme was launched in December 2022 and the first stage of the Prize closed on March 2nd, 2023 with a strong list of projects and varied teams submitting their ideas. Judging is now underway and the longlist of entries has been published on The Davidson Prize website, follow the link below to find out more.
This year’s longlist comprises work by 16 studios created in response to the 2023 theme Somewhere to Call Home. The 16 longlist entries have also been published in Architects’ Journal and on the Dezeen website, and we are delighted with coverage from Big Issue!